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Ancient + Brave Ancient and Brave True Hydration | 180g

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Quench your thirst and revive your skin with Ancient and Brave True Hydration. This intelligent formula, inspired by the natural electrolytes in coconut water, replenishes key minerals for rapid rehydration. Say goodbye to tiredness and hello to mental clarity and improved performance. With added magnesium, it fights fatigue while supporting a balanced digestive system with its rich prebiotic fiber.

Whether you're on the go or starting your day, simply add 6g to 250ml of fresh water, stir, and enjoy the benefits all day long. Stay hydrated with Ancient and Brave True Hydration.

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For proper cellular hydration we need electrolytes to bring water into our cells. True Hydration is rich in electrolyte minerals sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium, supporting your mind and body for optimal performance, alongside balancing chromium which contributes to normal maintenance of blood glucose levels and nutrient metabolism. A refreshing coconut water based formula, created without the use of artificial flavours or sweeteners.

Hydrates the skin from within.

Replenishes key electrolytes for deep replenishment.

Improves recovery, mental clarity and performance.

Magnesium for the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Rich in prebiotic fibre to support a balanced digestive system.

Perfect for travel, sauna and morning rehydration rituals.


Coconut Water Powder Chicory Root Inulin Magnesium Citrate* TriSodium Citrate Calcium Malate Pink Himalayan Salt TriPotassium Citrate Chromium Picolinate

Suggested Use

Add 6g to 250ml fresh water, stir and enjoy. You can also add this formula to your water bottle to keep you hydrated across the day. Popular for morning rituals, glowing skin, sauna replenishment, fasting strategies, exercise performance and the perfect travel partner. Use in your Rise Ritual to kick start your day and hydrate your body after sleep. Do not exceed recommended daily intake. 180g (approx 30 servings)


The first indication that your body may be deficient in electrolytes is dehydration. There are numerous symptoms, including constipation, fatigue, and mental fog. The symptoms might be extensive because your body requires them for every organ. You can also see if your urine is clear or dark yellow in colour. Sweat and other problems that upset the balance might cause electrolytes to be lost often. Using electrolytes while sipping water can be helpful and rejuvenating during these times.

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