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About Us

Hello! We are Oceans Alive Health and we are dedicated to bringing you premium, natural health products that don't cost the earth. We only select the best products as we are our own first customers.


Based in Lancashire, England, Oceans Alive Health was born in May 2015 out of a realisation that nourishing, health-supporting products were not widely available in the UK – or at least not at reasonable prices. Once we personally started using and benefiting from great products like Green Pasture's Blue Ice Royal Blend and Dr Mercola’s wide range of nourishing supplements, we realised we had an opportunity to share the love so that others can benefit too.

Learn & Shop

As the healthy living, organic and life-hacking global movements continue to gain popularity, we realise that customers are keen to empower themselves and learn what really works for them, rather than rely upon generally accepted norms.
This is why you will see that our website is chock-full of detailed articles and information to not only help you learn whilst you buy, but also make more educated decisions to support your health in the long-term.

Improved Shopping Experience

We recently went through a big overhaul of our website to provide detailed listings for every single product. We give the information we ourselves are looking for, to help you make an informed decision.

If you want to support your health with thoughtfully-chosen, high-end products at reasonable prices – use Oceans Alive Health for that which is dear to you - your health.