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Apothekary Apothekary Slay all Day | 60g

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Slay all day with Apothekary's energising matcha green tea blend. This adaptogenic formula provides long-lasting, jitter-free energy while supporting the body's stress response and enhancing cognitive function. Say goodbye to fatigue and hello to focused vitality.

Enjoy this heavenly matcha in the morning or early afternoon for a calm, powerful boost. You'll be ready to conquer the day with 20 servings per pack and with a formula including japanese matcha green tea, siberian ginseng, chlorella and pea protein. Third-party tested for quality and efficacy.

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Bold, enduring energy to kill it all day. This adaptogenic blend of matcha and green tea supports the body's natural stress response and enhances cognitive function in addition to providing consistent, jitter-free energy. This herbal blend is a matcha made in heaven for individuals who want to dominate their energy from dawn to dusk. Third parties have evaluated the efficacy and quality of Slay All Day. You want to switch from coffee to a more environmentally friendly energy source. You may accomplish your goals with the mental energy of Slay All Day without experiencing tension, jitters, or a crash. A powerful whole-body balancer can be created by combining the nourishing qualities of chlorella, the stress-relieving qualities of Siberian ginseng, and Japanese matcha. You'll feel cool, collected, and prepared for anything life throws at you after combining the two.


Japanese Matcha, Ginseng, Coconut Cream Powder, Chlorella, Pea Protein

Suggested Use

1 TSP Per Serving Given the gentle caffeine in matcha green tea, this formula is best consumed in the morning or early afternoon for calm, focused energy.


For decades, matcha green tea has been a popular tea choice and has been utilised in both Chinese and Japanese medicinal traditions. The youngest Japanese green tea leaves are used to make matcha. In order to shield its anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, which include amino acids, antioxidants, and chlorophyll, from direct sunlight, it is grown in the shade. This potent plant balances yin and yang energies by fostering calm attention and a surge of vitality. Additionally, matcha has been shown to improve cognitive function, increase metabolism, and provide energy without causing a crash.

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