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Ancient + Brave Ancient and Brave True MCT Sachets | 15 Sachets

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  • Vegan
  • Keto
  • Gmo free
Illuminate your wellness journey with Ancient and Brave True MCT Oil Sachets. Sourced exclusively from coconuts, never palm oil, these 10ml sachets pack a powerful punch. With a coveted blend of 60% C8 (caprylic acid) and 40% C10 (capric acid), this pure, vegan, paleo, and keto-friendly oil promotes satiety, aids fat burning, and ignites your metabolism.

Perfect for ketogenic diets and nootropic support, add a sachet to your drinks or drizzle it on salads and soups. Conveniently wrapped individually, take these 15 sachets wherever you go on your quest for optimal health.
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  • Sourced 100% from coconuts – never from palm oil.
  • Highly sought after 60% C8 and 40% C10 and zero undesirable C12.
  • Contributes towards satiety and feeling fuller for longer.
  • Supports the body’s ability to burn fat for fuel and boost metabolism.
  • Popular for ketogenic diets and nootropic support as a source of fuel for brain cells.
  • Pure, vegan, paleo and keto friendly

100% coconut

MCT’s are readily utilised for cellular energy production and easily convert into ketones which may provide an alternative energy source for brain cells.

Rest assured our True MCT oil is sustainably sourced 100% from coconuts, never from palm oil, and is extracted using pure steamed distillation and gentle hydrolysis to contain C8 (60%) and C10 (40%).

A clear, odourless, and tasteless oil to easily fuel-up your day. A popular Brave Recipe is the morning ritual of adding True MCT to your morning coffee (or tea) for an invigorating start to the day.

You can also find MCT oil powder in Ancient + Brave's vegan Collagyn products.. GMO and solvent free.


100% coconut (60% C8 and 40% C10 medium chain triglycerides)

Nutritional Information

Per 100ml 

Per 10ml serving 


of which saturates84g8.4g
of which sugar0.5g0.1g

Suggested Use

True MCT is an incredibly versatile healthy fat suitable for low temperature cooking and to drizzle on salads and soups.  

Simply add a sachet of True MCT to transform your drinks and smoothies.  

Blend with your morning brew for the ultimate bullet keto experience and easily achieve your ketogenic goals with this optimal daily wellbeing ritual.


Since it includes unique lipids that cells can easily burn and convert into energy and ketones, true MCT is an essential component. giving the body, muscles, and brain a source of energy while fasting, which supports mental clarity, physical performance, alertness, and vitality. You may add more fuel to your day by mixing True MCT into any of our blends. Together with the fuel and ketogenic potential of MCT, you receive all the nutritional advantages of hydrolyzed collagen. When the effects of the caffeine wear off, the MCT oils might still be able to help you in the case of the Coffee + Collagen and Cacao + Collagen products.

DISCLAIMER: * This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All information provided on this site should not be construed as medical advice. We recommend consulting with your health practitioner before the use of any supplements. The results from using our products may vary depending on individual factors and we cannot be held liable for adverse consequences, which may arise following the use of a product. If you decide to use any of our supplements based on the information that we provide, you do so at your own risk.

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