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Apothekary Apothekary Soothe Operator | 60g

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Do you need a little extra help with your gut health? Apothekary Soothe Operator is your belly's new best friend. This herbal blend, crafted by expert herbalists, nourishes your gut flora and puts a halt to belly disturbances.

With its root-heavy ingredients like Marshmallow Root and Burdock Root, Soothe Operator supports smooth digestion and creates a calm and balanced microbiome. Third-party tested for quality, this herbal formula ensures optimal gut health. Say goodbye to tummy troubles with Soothe Operator.

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In need of a gut check? Your new best friend in your belly may be Soothe Operator. This herbalist-crafted blend, rich in roots, maintains a healthy gut flora, helping to postpone upset stomachs and other digestive issues. This herbal remedy, which is made with nourishing roots and flowers, promotes easy movements all the way down the digestive tract, opening the door to a peaceful and more harmonious microbiota. Third parties verify the effectiveness and quality of Soothe Operator. What you want is something that encourages more fluid movements in the digestive system. Soothe Operator's restorative and inflammatory-supportive components provide both short-term support for present stomach disturbances and long-term support for a calmer gastrointestinal system, which helps the gut find relief. Roots that are soothing and nourishing feed beneficial bacteria and encourage a diversified microbiome, which supports gut health. With Soothe Operator, you can trust your instincts to lead you to better places.


Marshmallow root, Burdock root, Blue Butterfly Pea Flower, Astragalus, Ceylon Cinnamon

Suggested Use

1 TSP Per Serving Take any time of day, but especially in moments when the gut could use an herbal hug.


As a demulcent herb, marshmallow root, when infused with chilly liquids, helps coat and soothe mucous membranes with its gummy nature. Its mucus-like texture can soothe an irritable stomach lining, which benefits the health of the entire body in addition to the gut. It is able to assist gut healing and inflammation through the gut-skin axis, which in turn promotes skin health.

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