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Introducing the extraordinary ACS200 Silver products. With years of research and development, ACS200 Silver has become the world's leading colloidal silver product. Our proprietary formula utilises ultra-pure water and combines it with 200ppm of elemental silver – that's 1000s of times more powerful than other leading brands – to create a revolutionary colloidal silver product.

Powered by nature, ACS200 Silver is 100% natural too. It helps you feel better naturally without any harsh chemicals or additives. It's even been studied and verified as safe to use; giving you complete peace of mind while using its incredible power to help accelerate the body's healing process safely and naturally.

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ACS200 Silver are world leading colloidal silver products. ACS200 Extra Strength is renowned for its incredible potency, containing 200ppm of elemental silver. Multiple studies prove that this high-grade silver formulation is 1000s of times more powerful than other leading silver products – giving you maximum relief to fight infection and support your overall health. With the ACS200 Silver Extra Strength formula, you get superior support for your body - allowing it to function at its best. Start enjoying their unique health and wellness benefits today - trust in the power and quality that comes from ACS200 Silver Extra Strength Colloidal Silver.