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Four Sigmatic

Looking for UK Four Sigmatic stockists? Look no further. Four Sigmatic mushroom coffees, elixirs and supplements are internationally renowned. An American-based company with roots in Finland, Four Sigmatic’s UK branch prides itself on its rigorous research, development, production and testing methods. Benefit from reduced blood pressure, better immunity, improved brain function and a whole wealth of other benefits. Browse our range of Four Sigmatic elixirs and coffees below or try our taster bundle if you’re unsure where to start!


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Benefits of Four Sigmatic

Four Sigmatic specialises in mushroom coffees, teas, elixirs and supplements. The brand’s focus involves researching the best base ingredients and rigorously developing its procedures to make the best possible mushroom drinks.

The many benefits of mushroom coffee include adding vital nutrients, stabilising glucose levels and blood sugar, maintaining healthy gut health and supporting brain function. Mushroom drinks also help with short-term and chronic inflammation and energy levels.

Different Four Sigmatic supplements have different uses. For instance, the Four Sigmatic Mushroom Chaga Elixir helps to defend against infections and naturally improves the immune system, while the Four Sigmatic Lion’s Mane Elixir is an all-natural brain booster, to help assist with memory, concentration and focus.

If you prefer hot cocoa, try the hot cacao with reishi mix, cinnamon, and cardamom to help balance blood-sugar levels and help with digestion. This is great for those looking to get healthier and feel more satisfied with their meals, and reishi is an added anti-stress tonic.


What’s the point of mushroom coffee?  

There are many reported benefits of drinking mushroom coffee. Regular consumption of mushrooms has been linked to lower cholesterol, improved brain function, improved immunity, and the prevention of stomach and mouth ulcers. Four Sigmatic mushroom reishi coffee is also linked to the potential reduction of heart disease. This is mainly through the reduction of cholesterol and blood pressure. Some studies also show that both reishi and lion’s mane mushroom coffee and elixirs prevent cancer.

Does mushroom coffee help you lose weight?  

Some scientific studies show that mushrooms help to quickly regulate the body’s glucose level. This can help people who have hunger spikes, as regulated blood sugar levels allow feelings of fullness and satisfaction for longer. Likewise, stable glucose levels allow for longer periods of sustained exercise, which is a useful tool for weight loss.

Can you drink too much mushroom coffee?  

Mushroom coffee is usually created by mixing ground mushrooms with coffee grounds. This means you still need to be wary of the amount of mushroom coffee you’re drinking; while it has a lower caffeine content than regular coffee, it still contains some caffeine. It is always important to be wary of how much caffeine you’re consuming on a daily basis.

The average adult can safely enjoy a maximum of 400mg of caffeine every day, which is equivalent to an average of eight cups of coffee per day. Be wary of other sources of caffeine in your daily consumption; things like chocolate, energy drinks and coca-cola can contain caffeine.

Generally, people with kidney issues should be wary of drinking too much mushroom coffee. This is because mushrooms have high levels of oxalates which have the potential to increase kidney stones. Some people have also reported digestive issues with drinking mushroom tea or coffee. To enjoy the benefits of mushroom coffee, drink between four and eight cups a day, prepared according to the measurements.

What are the benefits of Four Sigmatic plant-based protein?  

Protein is an essential food group and helps us have energy and assists with muscle growth and repair. Four Sigmatic protein powder is completely plant-based and contains a combination of pure plant protein, functional mushrooms, and adaptogens to aid with blood pressure, nutrient consumption, immunity, stress reduction, brain function, heart health, and more. What’s more, Four Sigmatic’s protein powder comes in two delicious flavours - Sweet Vanilla and Creamy Cacao - which can be easily incorporated into shakes, smoothies or bakes.