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It’s not uncommon to find the coffee creamers on supermarket shelves packed with added sugars, sweeteners and artificially processed ingredients that can make you feel sluggish instead of superpowered. Our range of creamers, on the other hand, do the opposite. Made with clean, natural, non-genetically modified ingredients, our range of creamers have been developed to not only benefit your morning coffee with a creamy consistency but your body and mind too with a plethora of important benefits - making them the perfect addition to almost anyone’s daily routine.

Available in a range of flavours, tastes and textures (including vegan options). Whether it’s acting as a sustained source of energy for the whole day, supporting healthy digestion, or aiding brain health, our creamers could be the boost you need to help you start the day the right way.


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Have you ever reached for a coffee creamer, only to be overwhelmed by the long list of ingredients on the label? Many store-bought creamers contain artificial flavours and additives that have been linked to health issues like inflammation and weight gain. But there is good news: there’s plenty of healthy alternatives available. Adding a scoop of coconut MCT powder to your coffee not only gives it a creamy texture, but also provides healthy fats and antioxidants.

Coffee Creamers FAQs

What is coffee creamer?  

Coffee creamer is a powder that you can add to your coffee in place of milk and/or sugar. While many popular brands offer a wide range of flavours such as hazelnut and vanilla, they also can contain a variety of potentially harmful ingredients and sweeteners. Our range of coffee creamers contain natural, non genetically modified ingredients that can boost your body instead of hinder it.

How to use coffee creamer?  

Using coffee creamer is easy. Just add a scoop to your hot drink of choice and stir well and sip away!

What is in creamer for coffee?  

Depending on which brand you buy, ingredients in coffee creamer differ. Shop bought coffee creamer can contain a number of different additives and sweeteners which give the creamer its strong taste. Our coffee creamers contain nothing but natural, clean ingredients with the intention of aiding your mind and body instead of hindering it.