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Could A Collagen Drink REALLY Make You Look Younger?

Could A Collagen Drink REALLY Make You Look Younger?

In an age where surgery and injectables are ubiquitous, a collagen drink that could make you look younger doesn't sound like a bad idea, right? But will it make a difference? Or will it get tossed aside, thrown into the draw full of face creams and supplements that all claim the same? 


Could A Collagen Drink REALLY Make You Look Younger?


Collagen is a new buzzword in the health and nutrition industry. So, what exactly is collagen?

Collagen is the main structural protein in our skin. It is also found in bones, tendons, ligaments, organs, muscles, blood vessels, hair and is the main component of our connective tissues. It is often referred to as the 'glue' that holds our body together.

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Collagen helps you skins elasticity - therefore its youthful appearance - as you age you produce less, in fact by the age of 30 our bodies are producing 105 less! This will in turn lead to fine lines, wrinkles and loss of volume. Not only is collagen important for our skin it also helps the body replace dead skin cells, promote glossier hair and stronger fingernails.                                                                 

The collagen found in anti-ageing products is basically derived from the bones and tissue of animals e.g. cows, fish, chicken and even pigs! But what you must realise is not all collagen is created equal, the source of the collagen is key as this will determine the effects it has and even its potency. I'll let you in on a secret...the most effective type of collagen (the one to look out for) is Marine Collagen (derived from fish). The reason? It's absorbed up to 1.5 times more than any other type. 

Consuming Collagen

Collagen consumption can increase skins elasticity and help your body's skin repair process, thus encouraging your body to form new collagen. 

"A good collagen supplement can boost your own skins collagen production." Says Dr Stephanie, London's leading Dermatologist.                 

Anita Sturnham GP and Dermatologist, agrees. But she also states, "In order for collagen in a supplement form to be active in the deeper dermal layers of the skin, the collagen has to survive the acid digestion in our stomach and then the intestinal barrier into the gastrointestinal tract, before it can reach the bloodstream."


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