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The Friendly Fat Company

We understand how overwhelming it can be to find high-quality, nutritious supplements and snack options that don’t make you feel sluggish afterwards. That’s why we use The Friendly Fat Company – so you no longer have to struggle with hitting your nutrition intake. Products are created by nutritionists with no additives or preservatives, made entirely with natural ingredients. Not only do these taste fantastic, but they’re also packed with tons of nutrients that your body needs like collagen, good fats, protein, and calcium. Products come in convenient on-the-go packaging so that you can enjoy whenever and wherever, giving you energy boosts throughout your entire day without having to worry about post-snack blues.


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The Friendly Fat Company understands that leading a busy life can be exhausting! That’s why they created a line of wholesome and nutritious products with real food ingredients. Products are designed to help you stay energised throughout the day so you can keep achieving your goals. At Friendly Fat Co, they say NO to mystery ingredients and YES to powerful superfoods. Products are made from all natural, low-carb ingredients that provide long lasting energy for those days when you just want to take a break. Their unique combination of protein, complex carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals deliciously fuel your body and mind with each shake. We believe in eating clean and convenient — no artificial preservatives or flavourings here.