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The Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee in Your Diet

The Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee in Your Diet

Bulletproof Coffee

You might think your body needs a coffee in the morning. Maybe you crave the caffeine, or need a cup to kick-start your day? While coffee can have that energy boosting effect plus sure it delivers antioxidants, it is also packed with mould toxins that can give you that jittery feeling that depletes your natural energy and mental agility.

So what is Bulletproof Coffee?

Bulletproof Coffee or butter coffee as it is sometimes called is known to be super-energising thanks to the high level of healthy fats it contains. It fits right into a Keto diet, helping to maintain energy levels throughout the day so that you don’t get the crash and burn feeling from regular coffee.

Well known for its ability to help you feel alert and focussed, Bulletproof Coffee is the perfect addition to your daily routine. If you’ve heard of Ketosis, you’ll know about the mental clarity that comes with achieving it, which is why many people stick to the Keto lifestyle long term.

Is it still coffee?

Bulletproof Coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans from farms in South America from Columbia to El Salvador. It’s not only great coffee - it’s also sustainable. At Bulletproof all their coffee beans are Rainforest Alliance Certified too!

Whatever floats your boat when it comes to coffee, Bulletproof have you covered. Their coffee comes whatever way you take it, from pods to ground coffee, or whole beans to decaf blends.

What healthy fats are in it?

The super creamy coffee you get from a Bulletproof blend is all thanks to the grass-fed butter, which is bursting with nutrients. This mixed with the Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil delivers a super charged brew that boosts ketone production without any of the coconutty flavours.

Grass-fed Butter

So here is the down low on why grass-fed butter is the best, and therefore why it’s used to make a Bulletproof Coffee. The butyrate in the butter encourages the activities of your beneficial gut bacteria to maintain a healthy balance of gut microbial. Keeping this in balance helps you to improve your gut health which is important for supporting your digestive system.

Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil

It’s quite the mouthful, but this medium-chain triglycerides oil, or MCT oil for short is a high quality fat that is highly ketogenic. It’s like the turbo charge for your coffee, helping you to inch closer to achieving ketosis, or to simply enjoy the brain and body boosting benefits of helping them to run on fat as opposed to glucose.

Sound like your cup of tea…well coffee?

The perfect mix of healthy fats and caffeine makes a cup or Bulletproof Coffee the energy boosting caffeine fix you’ve been looking for, without all the hidden nasties.

If you’re worried about how much coffee your drinking and looking for a healthier alternative, Bulletproof Coffee offers you a clean brew that not only is good for you and your body, it’s good for the planet too. Win win!


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