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Oceans Alive Your Super Detox Bundle

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Prepare yourself for the beginning of your health journey and unlock untapped energy with the potent superfood blends from Your Super. This scientifically proven 5-Day Detox is a wholesome, plant-based cleansing regimen powered by five mixes. Each blend comprises carefully selected ingredients that promote both inner and outer wellness within just five days, including digestive enzymes, adaptogens, antioxidant-rich plants, and Ayurvedic herbs. Enhance your vitality today with this Your Super Detox Bundle and indulge in the rejuvenating power of detox juice.

The Detox Bundle includes:

1x Gut Feeling Mix
1x Golden Mellow Mix
1x Super Green Mix
1x Forever Beautiful Mix
1x Skinny Protein Mix

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Gut Feeling Mix Ingredients: Celery*, Jerusalem Artichoke*, Apple*, Lemon*, Lemon Balm* and Ginger* Powder. *Organic Certified

Taste: Mild celery juice, slightly sweet & zesty Weight: 150 grams | 30 servings

Super Green Mix Ingredients:Wheatgrass*, Barley Grass*, Moringa*, Baobab*, Spirulina*, and Chlorella*. *Organic Certified Smoothie powder with a portion of greens

Taste: Green taste Weight: 150 grams | 30 servings

Forever Beautiful Mix Ingredients: Chia Seeds*, Acai*, Maqui*, Acerola*, Maca*, and Blueberry* powder. *Organic Certified Berry smoothie powder with excellent source of antioxidant Vitamin C

Taste: Delicious berries, slightly sweet taste Weight: 200 grams | 40 servings

Golden Mellow Mix Ingredients: Turmeric*, Ashwagandha*, Ginger*, Cinnamon*, Lucuma*, and Pepper*. *Organic Certified Turmeric latte powder to help you unwind and de-stress

Taste: Warming chai turmeric, slightly spicy taste Weight: 200 grams | 40 servings

Skinny Protein Mix Ingredients: Pea Protein*, Hemp Protein*, Moringa*, Spirulina*, and Alfalfa*. *Organic Certified Lean green protein powder with all essential amino acids and 9 grams of protein per 15g serving

Taste: Nutty, green, not sweet Weight: 400 grams | 26 servings

Suggested Use

Gut Feeling Mix:Add 2 tsp Gut Feeling in water for an easy instant celery juice, or add it to your daily smoothie. Enjoy in the morning or after a heavy meal.

Super Green Mix:Add 1 tsp Super Green any time of day to make your daily green smoothie, or make a wellness shot by simply adding it to 100ml of water.

Forever Beautiful Mix:Add 1 tsp Forever Beautiful in the morning to your smoothie, acai bowl, yogurt or oatmeal.

Golden Mellow Mix:Add 1 tsp Golden Mellow anytime of day to your hot or iced latte, or add it to your smoothie.

Skinny Protein Mix:Add 2 tbsp Skinny Protein daily to make a green smoothie in the morning or after a workout.

DISCLAIMER: * This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All information provided on this site should not be construed as medical advice. We recommend consulting with your health practitioner before the use of any supplements. The results from using our products may vary depending on individual factors and we cannot be held liable for adverse consequences, which may arise following the use of a product. If you decide to use any of our supplements based on the information that we provide, you do so at your own risk.

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