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X Factor Gold Butter Oil - Raspberry Flavour

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X Factor Gold Butter Oil - Natural Raspberry Flavour

This High-Vitamin Butter-Oil is extracted from the dairy of cows that graze exclusively on specially selected rapidly growing grass. The combination of climate, fertility and species produces a rapidly growing specialized forage ensuring optimal levels of Activator X. The addition of a mild raspberry flavour makes this the most pleasant option and is Casein and lactose free.


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Has been shown to "activate" and enhance the effect of Cod Liver Oil, by the research of Dr Price. The benefits when taken with Cod Liver Oil (fermented of course!) are well documented.
  • Naturally contains Omega 3, 6, 7 & 9 fatty acids
  • Not heated at all, to keep all the nutrients
  • 240ml - equivalent to 96 servings per container
  • Contains Vitamin A & D (essential for strong bones & protecting the body from pollutants and free radicals)
  • Componants include CLA and Joint Support Nutrients
How is High Vitamin Butter Oil different from ghee and other butter oils
They are not the same. Ghee is pasteurized butter that is re-heated.. some companies will try to market a ghee product and call it butter oil in an attempt to confuse a buyer. They are one and the same. High Vitamin Butter Oil, as Dr. Price made it and Green Pastures makes today, is extracted from the liquid without heat and never heated. The centrifuge does not generate heat, plus the cows eat a specific type of pasture under certain conditions. This non-heated butter oil produced is separated into two parts. Only a small % of the oil is used to make the High Vitamin Butter Oil. The product is not heated, controlled grazing, and concentrated. Some suggest that a vortex energy is introduced during the centrifuge process but i am not well versed in this science to describe it other than this brief introduction.

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Type: liquid, solid at room temperature

Volume: 240 ml

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