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Reishi Elixir | Four Sigmatic | 20 packets

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Chill with Reishi

Your nightly ritual is about to get an upgrade with this reishi elixir, which contains 1,500 mg of reishi mushroom. Reishi has been shown to support the body’s sleep cycles as well as support occasional stress. You will love relaxing with reishi before bed and waking up feeling refreshed.

One of the most researched “herbs” in the world, along with ginseng. Reishi mushroom is generally known as “the queen of mushrooms” due to its amazing body-and-mind balancing properties.


  • Reishi mushroom is one of the most studied mushrooms shown to activate sleep cycles as well as support occasional stress.
  • Rose hips are a beautiful, deep red Vitamin C bomb. Each elixir has 15 mg of vitamin C per serving (25% RDI).
  • Tulsi adds a delicious and nourishing herbal infusion to this nightly elixir.

Additional Information

New upgraded formula: Stevia removed, Tulsi added

This ancient mushroom drink calms you down and ensures better sleep by naturally regulating the hormonal system and lowering cortisol levels. Reishi has over 4000 years of history of use, and to this day it is one of the most widely used medicinal mushrooms in the world. Reishi is so praised because of its power to balance us physically, mentally and spiritually.

Taking Reishi increases the amount and enhances the quality of deep, slow-wave sleep. The triterpenes support and balance the endocrine system which accounts for the hormonal-balancing effects. Due to the optimally working hormonal system your body can relax and recover during the night like it is supposed to.


The main ingredient in our Reishi elixir is, of course, pure log-grown Reishi mushroom 1,500 mg of the most potent red reishi extract with at least 30% polysaccharides (15% beta-glucans) and 2% triterpenes. No starch, sugars or any fillers at all.

To make sure that you are able to get the most out of this inedible, woody mushroom it is dual-extracted. This means that all of the active water- and fat-soluble components have been made bio-available with boiling water and alcohol, respectively. After removing the alcohol and concentrating the extract we spray-dry it back to powder.

Only the fruiting bodies of red reishi are used, which is the most potent strain of many different species of Ganoderma. The mushrooms are grown in real linden logs cut from the wild forest which ensure proper nutrition for the reishi mushrooms to become as effective as they can be. The mycelium (“roots” of the mushroom) are not used, allowing them to concentrate all their power into the actual mushrooms, before they are taken through the state-of-the-art dual extraction process.

Organic Rose Hips

Included with mushrooms to increase the absorption of the mushrooms, Rose hips are a beautiful, deep-red Vitamin C bomb. Each elixir has 15 mg of vitamin C per serving (25% RDI).

Organic Tulsi

Known as "The Queen of Herbs" and "Holy Basil", Tulsi adds a delicious and nourishing herbal infusion to this nightly elixir.

Field Mint

Delicious mint leaf is in the combo for a nice touch to the taste and for its soothing effects on the stomach.

Suggested Use

  • Just sip one packet per night.
  • Enjoy a mega dose (1,500 mg) of extracted reishi mushroom per serving.
  • Drink it “straight up” with hot water or add a nut milk and/or sweetener of your choice.
  • Sip 1 hour before going to bed.
  • Double dose during a stressful day.
  • While slightly bitter in taste, it does not taste like mushrooms.

How and when to use:
Add one packet to 8fl oz of hot water or blend into your favorite smoothie
2 hours before going to bed to sleep tight or during a stressful day
1 packet per day

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