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MARINE KETO COLLAGEN POWDER | The Friendly Fat Company | 260g

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From wild caught fish. With vitamin-C for better bioavailability. Boosted with C8 MCT-powder. 

Wild caught North Atlantic fish

Everybody talks about collagen these days as the elixir of youth. So do we. But not just about any collagen. More specifically we talk about marine collagen (type 1) from wild caught North Atlantic fish. That way you can be sure you won't consume any antibiotics or heavy metals that you're probably trying to avoid.  One serving gives 9g of collagen and 4g of MCT.

Natural vitamin C & D

We also talk about vitamin C. Because the body needs vitamin-C to form collagen. More specifically we've added natural vitamin C from the Acerola berry to increase the bioavailability of the collagen. And we've added the daily recommended dose of vitamin D3 from algae because most of us get too little sunshine. 

Boosted with C8 MCT-powder

And of course we got MCT-oil powder in here to boost energy and stabilize the blood sugar.  


  • Instant & lasting energy
  • Sharper brain function & focus
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Increased satiety between meals
  • Supports weight loss & weight control
  • Speeds up transition into ketosis
  • Promotes a healthy gut bacteria
  • Gluten free, Dairy free, Vegan & keto friendly
  • Lab tested

    Additional Information

    What is MCT?

    MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides which means medium length fatty acids and is a a form of healthy fat mainly found in coconut. It is one of the best, most bioavailable forms of energy for your body and brain because of their shorter length and therefore quick absorption. 

    The difference between MCT and other forms of fat is that MCT fats are shorter in length and therefore are metabolized much faster. MCT fatty acids goes straight to the liver where they are converted to ketones which is little bundles of energy the body can use instantly. Therefore MCT is not stored as fat in your body, but instead used as energy.

    MCT can be compared to the same quick absorption as carbohydrates but with the difference that the energy lasts longer and you avoid the classic energy crash often followed by carbs. This is because MCT keeps your blood sugar stable and gives more lasting energy compared to carbs. This results in better endurance and focus for your body and brain.

    MCT 100% derived from coconut. Super clean formula with prebiotic Acacia fiber and no fillers.

    MCT’s are often used by athletes who needs instant and sustained energy to boost their performance and improve endurance during a tough workout. MCT’s are also very helpful for weight management, assisting to keep blood sugar levels stable and control appetite by increasing the feeling of fullness. Perfect to curb cravings between meals with MCT-powder. MCT-oil also improves gut health and reduces inflammation, fighting off harmful bacteria while preserving the good bacteria in your gut.

    What is Acacia fiber?

    Acacia is a natural prebiotic fiber derived from the sap of the Acacia tree. It's a powerful superfood  that feeds our healthy gut bacteria and supports your body's digestive health, which is the foundation of a healthy body.

    Acacia fiber is great to include in your diet for many everyday health benefits. Especially to promote a healthy microbiome. 

    Your microbiome (gut bacteria) is the trillions of live bacteria living in your body and these organisms are crucial to our overall health. Researcher are starting to understand just how much of our health is starting in the gut and how important it is to keep it healthy and flourishing. 

    Our Microbiome can be compared to a garden where the beautiful flowers are the good bacteria and the weed is the bad bacteria. To stay healthy we need to grow the flowers and minimize the weed. In other words we need to feed the good bacteria and minimize the bad. 

    To grow our healthy bacterias in the gut we need to give them plenty of nourishing food (prebiotics=soluable fibers) and Acacia fiber is the holy grail of prebiotics. 

    What is the difference between coconut oil and MCT?

    Regular coconut oil consists of seven types of fatty acids with different lengths, but mostly longer chain fatty acids which are absorbed more slowly in the body and can't be used for instant energy.

    There are four types of MCT's (medium length fatty acids) in coconut oil. The composition looks like this:

    - Caproic acid (C6): <3%

    - Caprylic Acid (C8): 6%

    - Capric Acid (C10): 9%

    - Lauric Acid (C12): +50%

    We have extracted C8 (caprylic acid) because it's the most powerful fatty acid because if its quick absorption and instantly converts to energy. There are 6% C8 MCT in coconut oil compared to 99% C8 in the MCT-oil we use. 

    What is Collagen?

    Collagen is a protein that makes up as much as 30% of all the protein in our bodies and is one of the major building blocks in our bones, muscles, skin, tendons and ligaments.

    You could say it is the glue that holds our whole body together, keeping our skin healthy and elastic and keeping our joints and tendons strong and flexible. 

    Collagen is also found in the connective tissues of animal foods such as chicken and pork but also in their bones. Collagen can also be found in fish skin, which we know as marine collagen, and is said to be the most bioavailable source of collagen supplements. 

    Collagen supplement from animal skin usually comes in the form of a white powder called hydrolyzed collagen which means the amino acids has been broken down to shorter units which is supposed to be easier for the body to absorb and it also makes it dissolve easier in hot and cold drinks. 

    There are about 16 types of collagen but type 1, 2 and 3 are the most common with type 1 constituting 90% of the total collagen in our bodies.

    As we age the body’s own production of collagen decreases and we break it down faster than we can replace it. According to scientists we begin to lose about 1% of our collagen per year in our mid-20s and lose as much as 30% during the first 5 years of menopause in women. 

    Supplementing with collagen can improve skin, hair and nails. But also support bone density, flexible joints and ligaments, ease arthritis symptoms and promote wound healing among other things.

    Since collagen builds up our connective tissue and works as a protective lining on delicate organs some medicine practitioners also advocate using collagen supplements to treat leaky gut syndrome since it helps to strengthen the gut wall which is crucial for a healthy gut. 


    Hydrolyzed collagen from wild caught north atlantic fish (type 1), MCT powder (C8 MCT-oil from coconut, acacia fiber) vitamin C from acerola, vitamin D from algae.

    Per 100g

    Energy:  493 calories

    Fat: 26,3g

      - of which saturated fat: 22,8g

    Carbohydrate: 1,4g

      - of which sugars: 0,2

    Fiber: 8,1g

    Protein: 58,5g

    Salt: 0,2g

    Vitamin C: 333 mg

    Vitamin D: 33mcg

    Per serving 15g

    Energy:  74 calories

    Fat: 4g

      - of which saturated fat: 3,4g

    Carbohydrate: 0,2g

      - of which sugars: 0

    Fiber: 1,2g

    Protein: 8,8g

    Salt: 0g

    Vitamin C: 50 mg (62% RI)

    Vitamin D: 5mcg  (100% RI)

    Suggested Use

    Add 1-2 spoons to your coffee, shakes or other drinks whenever you need an extra energy boost. Can be used before a workout to crush it at the gym or when you need to focus at work.

    MCT-powder has the same effect as MCT-oil but is easier for the stomach to digest and is more practical to mix in your coffee without the need of a mixer, plus it's easy to bring in the go!

    Perfect for a range of lifestyles including, Low carb, Keto, LCHF, Gluten free, Paleo, or for anyone looking for natural and healthy energy.

    One serving gives 9g of collagen and 4g of MCT.

    DISCLAIMER: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All information provided on this site is for educational purposes and should not be construed as medical advice.