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Magnesium Body Relief Spray | Golden Ox

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Here is the long awaited replacement for Magnesium Ease from Activation Products.  Magnesium in the finest, most effective form.

Golden Ox Magnesium Body Relief Spray is a fast acting form of bio-available magnesium.  This means - it works.  Helps give relief to aching and sore muscles and joints, whilst helping to maintain good sleep, a healthy heart and reduce inflammation through your body.

This is a natural solution that enters your bloodstream through your skin to help fulfil your magnesium needs. It does not cause stinging, burning or itching and will not leave a sticky residue on the skin.


Did you know that magnesium, an essential mineral that is required by virtually every cell, is especially important to muscles?

Magnesium is an essential building block for hundreds of chemical processes in the body. Your muscles’ ability to contract and relax is highly dependent on how much magnesium your body is getting.

Other things affected by magnesium include:

  • Nerve function
  • Cardiac activity
  • Blood pressure regulation
  • Hormonal interactions
  • Bone health
  • Synthesis of proteins, fats and nucleic acids


  • Contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • Supports normal psychological function
  • Helps maintain normal bone density and strong teeth
  • It is the fourth most abundant mineral in your body
  • Exists in over 300 different bodily enzymes
  • Is found primarily in your bones (half of your total body magnesium)
  • Plays a role in your body’s detoxification processes
  • Aids your energy metabolism and protein synthesis
  • Helps guide a large number of physiological functions
  • Is required by glutathione (the “master antioxidant”) for synthesis  
  • Is especially valuable for supporting your brain health

The list goes on. The bottom line is that magnesium is the multi-tasking mineral your body needs and is probably not getting enough of.

Perhaps the most high-profile process that magnesium is used for is metabolising nutrients and turning them into energy.

Magnesium activates enzymes which help produce something called ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

Why is ATP important? ATP plays a crucial role in the metabolic process. When your body breaks down ATP, the energy that is released is used by your muscles.

The more you exercise and the harder you exercise, the faster your body burns up the energy released from breaking down ATP. If you’re not getting enough magnesium, it can result in low energy levels and problems with muscle function.

Additional Information

Are you deficient?

Did you know up to 80% of people are magnesium deficient? And that is just the people showing symptoms of deficiency. Magnesium deficiency is currently deemed a "silent epidemic", as often it's effects are not felt until very advanced and difficult health conditions have already developed.

How is it that so many people are not getting enough from their diets or are having trouble absorbing what they do eat?

It’s an important question. If magnesium deficiency gets out of hand it can lead to all kinds of serious health issues.

Below is a short list of some of the factors that can cause magnesium deficiency:

  • Regularly drinking caffeinated beverages, soda or alcohol - Sodas contain phosphates that attach themselves to the magnesium inside your body, making it unavailable for absorption. Plus, your kidneys filter and excrete excess magnesium and other minerals as part of their normal function.
  • Taking calcium supplements - Women should be especially wary of the effects of certain supplements on magnesium absorption. If you have been instructed to take a calcium supplement to prevent bone loss or to treat osteoporosis, this could be the reason for low magnesium levels.
  • Experiencing constant or chronic stress - The Nutritional Magnesium Association website cites a study that investigated chronic stress and magnesium levels. It was found that chronically stressed individuals had lower magnesium stores when compared with control groups. On the flip side, those who had sufficient magnesium in their systems exhibited fewer signs of stress. In other words, stress causes magnesium loss while, at the same time, getting adequate magnesium protects against stress.

How to get Magnesium?

Golden Ox Magnesium Body Relief Spray is the purest, fastest acting form of bio-available magnesium available.  Absorbed directly through your skin delivering a calming energy that your body needs. This powerful supplement is easily absorbed into the skin, enters the blood stream and goes directly to work in your body, affecting aches and pains, helping to support the nervous system and reducing fatigue leaving you feeling revitalised, supple and full of beans.

  • Delivers 27.2mg of magnesium per spray
  • Fast acting magnesium 
  • 100% pure solution

Why a spray?

Oral magnesium supplements are known to have poor absorption rates and may cause diarrhoea and other gastrointestinal problems in larger doses.

One of the big benefits of a magnesium spray is how effectively it is absorbed when it’s sprayed onto the skin. By bypassing the digestive system it goes straight into the bloodstream and is delivered to the cells that need it.


Purified water and pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride hexahydrate.

In a PET FREE bottle.

Suggested Use

30-50 sprays on wrists, tops of the feet, underarms, backs of knees and hips. Ingestion not recommended. Best absorbed after a hot shower or bath.

Shelf-Life/Storage Instructions

Keep bottle capped and store in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. When stored properly, spray will remain fresh for 36 months.

DISCLAIMER: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All information provided on this site is for educational purposes and should not be construed as medical advice.