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Liposomal Vitamin D3 5,000 IU | Dr Mercola | 90 Capsules
Dr Mercola

Liposomal Vitamin D3 5,000 IU | Dr Mercola | 90 Capsules

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Introducing Liposomal Vitamin D3 for enhanced absorption and optimal results. Every cell in your body needs vitamin D for your optimal well-being.

Are you getting enough?


Once thought of as only playing a role in certain diseases, researchers now realise that vitamin D affects virtually every cell and tissue in your body. And it affects numerous vitamin D receptors located throughout your body and nearly 3,000 genes.

Your cells need the active form of vitamin D to unlock the genetic blueprints stored inside the cell. Without these crucial blueprints, these aspects of your health could potentially be at risk:

 Maintenance of overall health  Cellular growth and development  Bone strength and health
 Blood sugar health  Digestion and absorption of nutrients  Blood pressure health
 Heart health  Vascular system health  Immune function
 Joint health  Mood and overall feelings of well-being  Neurological and cognitive health
 Muscular function  Skin health  Pancreatic function and health
 Healthy ageing process  Sleep patterns  Hearing and vision
 Reproductive health  Newborn health  Athletic performance
 Respiratory function and health  Carbohydrate and fat metabolism  Metabolic rate
 Weight management  Hair and hair follicles  

That may seem like a long list, but as research continues on vitamin D, you can expect to see it grow even longer!

Additional Information

Liposomal Absorption

You might have heard of a new technology called liposomal technology that has been used to increase absorption of nutrients. This occurs naturally in krill oil. The omega-3 fats are bound to phospholipids that radically increase absorption relative to fish oil.

Similarly, we can now mimic that process in the gut to improve nutrient absorption.

With liposomal technology, the phospholipids in the capsule can form liposomes in the stomach. Studies show the movement of water is sufficient to create some liposomes. Stresses are high in the stomach, with stomach fluids in near constant motion, which could create an even greater amount of liposomes. Since liposomes can help the nutrient gain entry across your gut membrane to its target organs and cells, more liposomes could lead to an increased rate of absorption.

Licaps Technology

Most of the vitamin D sold today comes packed in soft gels. Unfortunately soft-gels are unable to protect the nutrients inside from moisture and oxygen. When moisture and oxygen leak into the soft gel, you can lose quality and freshness.

Dr Mercola's Liposomal Vitamin D uses a more expensive "Licaps" capsule instead of a cheaper soft gel. Licaps use innovative "Fusion Technology" to seal the capsule without the use of banding.

This extraordinary liquid capsule technology has been rigorously tested for over 15 years and provides many beneficial advantages:

  • Reduces oxidation potential by flushing the liquid formulation with nitrogen during the capsule-filling process, creating a "bubble" for freshness.
  • Two-piece capsules are hermetically sealed to yield a tight, one-piece capsule to significantly reduce the potential for leakage.
  • Exemplary filling and sealing processes provide an extended shelf life.

The bottom line with Licaps: the possibility of leakage is virtually reduced to zero.

Vitamin D Deficiency - Who is At Risk?

Because of vitamin D’s wide-reaching effects in your body, always check to see if you are deficient in this crucial nutrient when addressing any health concern, especially those listed above.

Certain groups of people may be at an increased risk for vitamin D deficiency, as well as individuals with some specific conditions. If any of the following apply to you, please get your vitamin D levels checked sooner than later.

  1. It’s winter and you don’t live in the tropics or subtropics.

    There simply isn’t enough, or even any UVB that reaches the ground in the winter if you are not in the tropics or subtropics, and exposure to UVB is how your body produces most of the vitamin D it requires naturally.

  2. You have darker skin.

    Those with darker skin may need as much as 10 times more sun exposure to produce the same amount of vitamin D as a person with pale skin.

  3. You're 50 or older.

    As you get older, your skin produces less vitamin D when exposed to the sun.

  4. You spend a lot of time indoors.

    If you avoid the sun or just aren’t able to get outdoors regularly, your levels of vitamin D are likely to be lower.

  5. You're overweight or obese (or have a higher muscle mass).

    Vitamin D is a fat-soluble, hormone-like vitamin, so body fat can act like a sponge. A heavier person with more body fat or even those with more muscle mass may require a higher dose than a slimmer person.

  6. You have gut issues.

    If you have a gastrointestinal condition that affects your ability to absorb fat you may have lower absorption of vitamin D.

  7. You’re achy or tired, or both.

    The classic signs of a certain type of vitamin D deficiency can mimic conditions characterised by fatigue and achy bones.

  8. You sometimes feel "blue."

    Serotonin, the brain hormone associated with mood elevation, rises with exposure to bright light and falls with decreased sun exposure.

  9. You’re pregnant.

    Pregnant women require higher amounts of vitamin D for their own pregnancy and delivery as well as the optimal health of their babies.

  10. You notice unusual head sweating.

    Surprisingly, one of the first signs of a vitamin D deficiency is a sweaty head.

Suggested Use

Adults, as a dietary supplement take one (1) capsule daily.




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