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Are you ready to fire up your brainpower, sharpen your mental edge and help put the brakes on cognitive decline – without relying on questionable "Smart Drugs” and untested lab concoctions?

Dr Mercola's Keto Krill is a whole different approach to cognitive enhancement.


  • Omega-3 fats (DHA and EPA) – The patented technology up-concentrates beneficial components resulting in higher amounts of DHA and EPA for your brain, eyes, heart, joints, skin and liver.
  • Choline – This essential nutrient for nerve signaling allows your body to make the neurotransmitters and phospholipids for your nerve and brain cells to communicate and function properly.
  • Phosphatidylcholine (PC) – Unique to krill oil, PC is a phospholipid attached to a choline particle. It’s a major structural lipid of your blood plasma membranes and an important source of signaling molecules.
  • Phospholipids – With an increased level of nearly 60 percent, more phospholipids mean better and faster delivery of the key fatty acids, DHA and EPA into blood cell membranes, resulting in higher levels of omega-3s in your organs.
  • Caprylic Acid C8 MCT Oil  - This medium-chain triglyceride oil is like rocket fuel for your brain. It stimulates ketone production in just minutes, often resulting in almost-instant mental clarity and alertness.
  • Serine phospholipids, or phosphatidylserine (PS) – Another “smart” nutrient for brain health that’s found in your brain and nerve cell membranes to support short-term and long-term memory.
  • Astaxanthin – Contains a small amount of this naturally occurring powerful antioxidant to help keep the formula fresh and stable without the need for preservatives.

Additional Information

You care about your health and what you put into your body.

You may be concerned about your brain health as you’re growing older, or you might be longing for that boost in sharpness and brainpower for your work or hobbies that you know nootropics can provide.

Either way, Keto Krill can supplement your healthy diet and provide the right “smart” nutrients to help you take control of your cognitive function and brain health.

What Nootropics Are… and Aren’t

Nootropics get their name from “noos” – the Greek word for “mind.” They certainly aren’t new. Nootropics have been around for at least hundreds of years, but they just haven’t been recognised by that name.

By definition, nootropics are substances that enhance cognitive function. They help support and protect brain health, and some can help reduce signs of cellular ageing and stress markers.

To be a true nootropic, the substance must be:

  • Harmless.
  • Non-addictive.
  • Free from significant and potentially harmful side effects.

Some suggest caffeine and tobacco may be humankind’s original nootropics. However, both can have adverse effects (especially nicotine), so, perhaps they don’t meet the requirements for a true nootropic.

Other wannabe-nootropics are popping up, too, as the demand for cognitive-enhancing drugs rise. But that’s not the worst part, many of these so-called labs that produce them aren’t monitoring the powders for quality or the presence of heavy metals.

Does it really make sense to risk your well-being for a small boost in brainpower, at best?

Nature’s Own Cognitive-Enhancing Substances and What They Can Do for You

True nootropic and other cognitive-enhancing substances can help boost your memory, motivation, creativity, alertness and general cognitive function.

Certain ones may also help reduce age-related decline in brain function.

What else could a true nootropic compound potentially do for you?

  • Feed your brain with essential nutrients it may be lacking
  • Help increase circulation to your brain
  • Provide important precursors to crucial neurotransmitters
  • Improve your resilience to stress
  • Help protect brain cells from damaging oxygen species and free radicals
  • Boost the flow of nutrients and oxygen to your brain
  • Help protect your brain from the accumulation of wastes
  • Support an already healthy inflammatory response in your brain
  • Support the formation of new healthy brain cells and the repair of damaged neurons
  • Increase neuroplasticity, or your brain’s ability to change

Are nootropics for you? Dr. Mercola believes the following groups of people stand to potentially benefit the most from nature’s nootropics:

  • Anyone who wants to enhance their thinking skills, memory and focus
  • Professionals, artists and entrepreneurs who want to boost their productivity and creativity with calm, relaxed focus
  • Athletes who need to perform optimally and decisively under pressure with focus and mental clarity
  • Active adults over 55 who want to help maintain their overall brain health and peak mental performance well into their senior years

Nature’s Most Valuable Nootropic: Omega-3 Fats

Of all of nature’s nootropics, omega-3 fats may be the single most important substance you can take to support your brain health.

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) are essential omega-3 fats that your body can’t make on its own. DHA and EPA are actual components of your brain and DHA especially may be the most important fatty acid for your brain and central nervous system.

Your brain is almost 60 percent fat, and a quarter of that is DHA. Ninety percent of the omega-3 fat in your brain cells is DHA.

DHA is so key to your cognitive health, researchers now believe it may have played a pivotal role in the evolution of human intelligence.

The discovery of high-quality, easily digestible nutrients from coastal seafood and inland freshwater sources marked an important turning point in human evolution.

Over generations, shore-based dwellers consumed greater amounts of seafood. Fossil records show that early man’s brain grey matter in the cerebral cortex rapidly increased during the same period.

The cerebral cortex is the highly developed area of your brain responsible for memory, language, creativity, judgement, emotion and attention.

Today we know that the DHA molecule has unique structural properties that support cell membrane functions, including the inner membrane of your mitochondria.

In fact, your mitochondria’s inner membrane contains a component called cardiolipin that needs to be saturated in DHA to function properly.

Think of cardiolipin as your cellular alarm system – one of its important tasks is to clear out dysfunctional brain cells.

Serine Phospholipids: Another “Smart” Nutrient for a Sharper Mind and Youthful Brain.

Phosphatidylserine, or PS, is another essential nutrient for brain health that may be in short supply in many people.

Derived from sunflower lecithin (instead of soy), these serine phospholipids are found in your brain and nerve cell membranes.

PS is required not only for healthy nerve cell membranes but myelin, those protective coverings around nerves. It supports short-term memory and the consolidation of long-term memory.

Phosphatidylserine has been shown in studies to support many cognitive abilities, including:

  • Learning and creating new memories.
  • Retrieving memories and recalling information.
  • Focusing attention and concentration.
  • Reasoning and solving problems.
  • Communication, along with developing language skills.

Researchers have discovered that extra serine phospholipids (or PS) can cross the blood-brain barrier and safely aid to slow, halt or even reverse the breakdown of nerve cells that occurs with normal ageing.

In fact, studies show that taking 100 mg. of phosphatidylserine three times a day can potentially help reduce age-related decline in brain function.

Studies on young, healthy individuals taking higher doses show promise, too, for improving memory, thinking skills and mood.

The Keto Connection: Why Nutritional Ketosis Is so Beneficial for Your Brain Function

When your body burns fat as its primary fuel during the state of nutritional ketosis, ketones are created.

Ketones are not only an efficient and superior fuel for your brain, they also generate fewer reactive oxygen species (ROS) and less free radical damage, a real bonus for your mitochondria.

As we’ve just learned with C8 MCT oil, ketones provide almost instant alertness and mental acuity – exactly what you want when you take a nootropic or cognitive-boosting supplement.

But here’s something you may not know about when your body produces ketones. One ketone in particular, called beta-hydroxybutyrate, provides outstanding fuel for your brain cells and even stimulates positive changes in the expression of your DNA.

When you’re in mild ketosis, this special ketone can help support an already healthy inflammatory response, boost antioxidant production and increase your body’s detoxification pathways.

Keto Krill is designed to enhance your brainpower and to help support cognitive health, whether you’re in ketosis and feast-famine cycling, aiming towards nutritional ketosis or just following a healthy diet.

Suggested Use

Adults, as a dietary supplement, take two (2) capsules daily with the first meal.



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