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Greener Cleaner Multi-Surface Household Spray | Dr Mercola

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  • Cuts through grease, dirt, and grime to leave household surfaces fresh and clean
  • Contains plant and mineral derived ingredients
  • Contains no dangerous formaldehyde-creating preservatives
  • Contains no synthetic petroleum ingredients

Additional Information

We're sure you’ve seen the claims, made with plant-based ingredients, EPA-registered, naturally scented, biodegradable, no harsh chemical fumes.

But did you know that these very same products often contain ingredients that the Environmental Working Group – a trusted, reliable source for product information – scores as “D” or “F”!

How can that be?

Manufacturers know many of today’s consumers want an effective product that doesn’t contain potentially hazardous ingredients. Nor do they want one that can harm the environment, especially aquatic life.

By using the word “green”, manufacturers hope they can catch your eye.

But here’s the catch: Because there aren’t any industry standards for “green”, this word is just as meaningless as “natural” is with food.

Knowing and trusting the manufacturer may be your best assurance of getting a product that doesn’t contain ingredients that could potentially harm you, your loved ones, or the environment.

Introducing Greener Cleaner Multi-Surface Household Spray – The Better Alternative

Who says you need to risk your health and well-being every time you clean your home, wipe up after your pet, or clean around the office?

With Greener Cleaner Multi-Surface Household Spray, you can toss those concerns away, right along with the potentially dangerous products that Dr Mercola hopes you will discard right away.

Safe for Just About All Surfaces 

The unique, cutting edge formula is safe to use on just about any non-porous surface (Although Dr Mercola wouldn’t use it on unfinished wood or to clean electronics):

  • Quartz
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Stone
  • Glass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Formica
  • Tile
  • Bathroom sink, toilet, shower and tub
  • Appliances (makes a great oven cleaner, too)
  • Finished wood
  • Office white boards

Greener Cleaner Multi-Surface Household Spray is great for cleaning finished hardwood floors, but always spot test first on wood.

Because it’s not a low pH formula, it can’t etch unnatural marble or travertine surfaces.

Use it for jobs all around your home or office – your kitchen appliances and floor, your bathroom, your patio grill, office white board, and your desk – wherever dirt and grime build up.

Best of all, it’s simple to use. Just spray and wipe – there’s no need to rinse as its streak-free formula leaves no residue. And its convenient spray top nozzle provides quick and dispersed application, exactly where you want it.

The Secret Behind Greener Cleaner’s Effectiveness

You may be wondering: How can it effectively clean so many different types of surfaces without any harsh and potentially harmful ingredients?

Let’s take a look at the formula that Dr Mercola came up with for Greener Cleaner Multi-Surface Household Spray:

  • Water - Believe it or not, if you get the right kind of water, it does the biggest job of all in cleaning. We use what’s known as RO/DI (reverse osmosis de-ionised) water, sourced from the Great Lakes, which is one of the more sustainable water sources in the world.

  • Capryl Glucoside - This surface active agent – or surfactant – is a literal magnet for dirt. Made from sugar and essential fatty acids under certain pressure, it creates a natural surfactant with a tail that wants to stick to dirt. By reducing the surface tension of water, it allows dirt to dissolve on surfaces and makes water more effective in magnetising the dirt and debris.
  • Lauramine Oxide - This is another surfactant that’s derived from natural essential fatty acids from coconut-derived material. It’s passed thru a pressure process to create a mild soft effect that reduces film and residues.

  • Sodium Gluconate - Especially useful for stubborn dirt and stuck-on debris, this is a sugar-derived material that is a fermentation derivative. The by-product of a bacterial process that converts sugar into natural organic chelate, it takes the place of EDTAs (chemical chelators) to break up grime and debris.

  • Sodium Carbonate - This is natural soda ash, a pH adjusting material that optimises the pH of the formula that helps tie up and sequester calcium and magnesium ions to leave behind a streak-free shine on the surface.

  • Grapefruit Seed Extract - A type of naturally occurring preservative, this seed extract stabilises the formula and helps prevent microbial growth for long-term storage. Does not create formaldehyde like other synthetic preservatives.

Suggested Use

Hold nozzle 6-8 inches away from surface and spray until surface is thoroughly covered. Wipe area with sponge or cloth. 

DISCLAIMER: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All information provided on this site is for educational purposes and should not be construed as medical advice.