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Greener Cleaner Laundry Pouches | Dr Mercola | 24 Pouches

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Did you know that many detergent products can contain potentially harmful chemicals that may negatively affect your health and contribute to environmental pollution?

Now You Can Have Sparkling Clean, Fresh Smelling Laundry Without the Potentially Harmful Chemicals. 


  • Free of harsh chemicals, Greener Cleaner contains NO phosphates, SLS, NPE, or fragrances
  • Made entirely from premium plant and mineral ingredients
  • A highly concentrated, no water added formula, for optimal effectiveness
  • Three-in-one cleaning ability: cleans clothes, removes stains, and BRIGHTENS! 
  • NO dyes, eliminating allergy problems
  • Biodegradable ingredients that are better for the earth, and safe for aquatic life and waterways

Additional Information 

What's NOT in Dr Mercola's Detergent Pouches: A ‘laundry list’ of potentially dangerous harsh chemicals

Many of the products on store shelves include these potentially dangerous chemicals:

  • Phosphates: Often the main ingredient in many detergents, phosphates are linked to potential health issues and environmental hazards. 

    When cleaning with phosphate-filled detergents, residues on items may build up and cause skin irritations. Phosphates are also difficult to remove from wastewater and often end up in rivers and lakes, where they act like a “fertiliser” in waterways, increasing algae growth and suffocating aquatic life. Even after wastewater treatment, phosphates remain active.
  • Fragrance: Used in many products, including detergents to create people-pleasing scents, the thousands of different chemicals making up each "fragrance" can be nearly impossible to decipher. 

    Artificial fragrances are also among the top five known allergens, potentially causing asthma and triggering asthma attacks.
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES): SLS and SLES are surfactants and emulsifiers used in thousands of cleaners.

    Research studies on SLS have shown links to irritation of the skin and eyes.
  • 1,4 Dioxane: A by-product of SLS, this dangerous substance used in detergents can be absorbed by your skin.
  • NPE (Nonylphenol Ethoxylate): A non ionic surfactant frequently used in laundry detergents, NPE is also an endocrine disruptor and estrogen mimicker.
  • Formaldehyde: Used in detergents, this chemical may cause asthma and allergies, and is considered a known carcinogen.

Certainly you wouldn’t apply these chemicals directly to your skin, so why would you want to soak your clothes, sheets or towels in them?

Contrary to what many might think, these toxic chemicals don’t all wash out in your rinse cycle. These potential carcinogens, chemicals, dyes and artificial fragrances can remain embedded in the fibres of your clothes, towels and sheets.

Laundry pouches that effectively clean your clothes without polluting your home or the environment

Just like Dr Mercola's dishwasher pouches, Greener Cleaner Laundry Pouches contain only non-toxic plant and mineral based ingredients.

Unlike other commercial laundry detergents, these gentle yet strong-acting pouches are suitable for use on your or your child’s clothing.

While even chemical-laden laundry detergents sometimes don't work well, my highly concentrated detergent will clean and remove stains, and brighten clothing, towels and sheets – keeping your whites white and colours bright.

This special three-in-one effectiveness eliminates the need for additional stain removers and brighteners for most items. Dr Mercola's laundry pouches often get the job done on their own. 

As with the dishwasher pouches, the pre-measured pouches make it easy to add to loads. Simply drop one pouch in for small to medium loads, and two pouches for large to extra-large loads of laundry.

Detergent pouches work in both HE and regular washing machines when added directly with clothing, towels, or sheets.

Being eco-friendly and responsible often means taking an extra step

It’s simple to go “green” and take control of your health at the same time. You don’t have to choose one or the other.

Dr Mercola's laundry pouches effectively clean your clothes, towels and sheets – and dishes. And they don’t do it at the expense of the environment.

Since they don't contain phosphates or other harsh chemicals, they won't kill aquatic life and other animals, or pollute waterways like other laundry products.

In addition, the detergent pouches are cruelty-free, with no animal testing and no formaldehyde donors.

Doing the environment – and yourself – good often means taking an extra step. Manufacturers of laundry and cleaning products aren’t required by law to list what is in their product.

Instead, you need to look for what’s not there. Look for "phosphate-free," "no bleach," "SLE-free" and "NPE-free." Always choose "biodegradable" detergents since those often do not contain the harmful ingredients as talked about earlier.

And equally important, look for plant- and animal-based ingredients, instead of petroleum-based.

DISCLAIMER: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All information provided on this site is for educational purposes and should not be construed as medical advice.