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Fermented Beets with Red Spinach | Dr Mercola | 60 Capsules
Dr Mercola

Fermented Beets with Red Spinach | Dr Mercola | 60 Capsules

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Nitric oxide is essential for healthy blood flow, energy production and optimal performance throughout your entire body.

Beets and Red Spinach (amaranth) are potent superfoods that pack a large amount of nitrates to support your circulatory system.

Organic Beetroot Powder (500mg) & Red Spinach Leaf Extract (400mg)


So who can benefit most from higher levels of nitric oxide? Everyone from busy parents to weekend warriors to manual labour workers to office executives. If any of these things are on your "wish list," then you too may potentially benefit:

  • Have more energy for what you need to do and want to do
  • Finally get started with an exercise regimen and stick with it
  • Take your workout to a higher intensity level
  • Feel less winded and wiped out after exercising
  • Improve your health and well-being

If you are looking for ways to improve your workout endurance and results this supplement captures the goodness of beets for promoting healthy nitric oxide function and optimal blood flow. However,

  1. By fermenting the beets it potentially increase their beneficial effects.
  2. There’s another nitric oxide-boosting whole food source that offers more than five times the amount of nitrate as regular beet powder and more than 50 times that in beetroot juice - Red Spinach, also known as Amaranth (Amaranthus dubius)

Additional Information

Fermented Beets with Red Spinach provide a standardised dose of 30 mg of healthy nitrates from red spinach, or the leaves of the amaranth plant. The addition of specially fermented beet powder provides an additional excellent source of plant nitrates, but without the high sugar content of regular beet powder.

In the world of performance – physical or mental – your nitric oxide function matters. Nitric oxide, or NO, is a gas that plays an important role in supporting normal circulatory functions within the cells that line your arteries and protecting your cells’ powerhouses, or mitochondria.

The NO your body produces helps widen the diameter of your blood vessels to allow a greater volume of blood to flow through, providing oxygen and nutrients to your brain and other organs. Healthy blood flow is essential for energy production and optimal performance throughout your entire body, including your muscles.

In recent years, whole food sources of nitrates, or the building blocks for NO production within your body, have been identified. While many athletes have turned to beet juice to promote healthy NO function for their performance, another nitric oxide-boosting whole food source has been discovered that offers more than 50 times the amount of nitrates as beet juice – red spinach.

By promoting healthy nitric oxide function and supporting healthy blood flow throughout your body, including your brain with Fermented Beets with Red Spinach, you can potentially reach levels of performance, physical or mental, that you’ve never before attained – or regain the type of energy and performance of years past.

Your new favourite fat - Squalene

Red Spinach (or amaranth) contains up to 10 times more squalene than Shark Liver Oil.

Squalene isn’t a fat you hear about much, but once you discover the good it can do for your body, it’s sure to be your new favourite.

Squalene is a fat that is made by your own body, it’s produced by your liver. It’s part of the system that your body uses to keep your skin and other tissues lubricated and moist. It also protects your body from environmental toxins.

The problem is, our natural levels tend to peak in our twenties, and then decline over time. There is a long list of health benefits that squalene has to offer, making the foods that contain it an ideal addition to your diet. It’s about so much more than skin.

A few highlights: it contributes to the normal function of the immune system., can promote weight loss, is great for your heart, bones and digestive system, can help to prevent disease and can even minimise early signs of ageing.

Suggested Use

Adults, as a dietary supplement take two (2) capsules daily with a meal.




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