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DOUBLE PACK - Vitamin D - Natures Answer 480 doses 4000 IU

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Vitamin D is considered one of the most important vitamins today. It's position is so elevated in fact, it's function has been described as that of an essential hormone. With our modern sedentary lifestyle, meaning we spend more and more time indoors, not getting the sunlight our ancestors had, these drops are essential for those not catching enough sun. 

The daily approach is considered superior in terms of absorption, compared to the weekly 20,000 - 50,000 iU approach. Imported from the USA, UK RRP £33.90 

Each bottle is designed to last up to 4 months for one person, with the use by date being well into 2019. These are extremely simple and easy to take, just let 1-2 drops fall onto your tongue, or into your food/drink.

Being based in olive oil, it is extremely pleasant tasting too. 

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