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Magnesium Deficiency


80% of older people (65+) are deficient in magnesium


70% of all UK adults may be magnesium deficient.


The majority of children fail to get the basic RNI. 53% of our teenage girls have daily levels that indicate gross deficiency

Golden Ox Magnesium Body Relief Spray

Body Relief Spray

Fast acting form of bio-available magnesium. The purest solution to help heal and give relief to aching and sore muscles and joints.

  • Magnesium

    The master mineral which helps reduce soreness of muscles and stiffness, stop muscle cramps and soothe joint pain. Magnesium can even help you sleep better and calm headaches by spraying on neck muscles.

  • Natural

    Magnesium Body Relief is a natural solution that enters your bloodstream more effectively through your skin to help fulfil your magnesium needs.

  • Suggested Use

    Spray directly onto skin or onto your palm and smooth in.
    Use up to 1000mg per day (Approximately 40 sprays).
    Avoid spraying on mucus membranes and broken skin as this may sting and cause irritation.


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