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How Could Goli Gummies Improve Your Health?

How Could Goli Gummies Improve Your Health?

goli gummies

Goli Gummies are an Apple Cider Vinegar supplement with added vitamins to boost your overall health and wellbeing. If you’re not taking Apple Cider Vinegar or maybe you’ve never even heard if it, here are a few reasons why you maybe should.

What is Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple Cider Vinegar has long been known for its health benefits. The “mother”, is said to be the important part in making it healthy. The “mother” occurs during the fermentation process, turning the apple juice into an acetic acid.

Packed with gut-friendly microbes, Apple Cider Vinegar is said to support your immune system, improve digestion and even boost your mood. It doesn’t taste great, so the guys at Goli Nutrition have made it into a super delicious gummie, that’s even suitable for the vegan diet that offers a great way to get your Apple Cider Vinegar minus the unpleasant taste.

What is a Goli Gummie?

Goli Gummies not only taste great, but they’re also bursting with ingredients that offer a wide range of nutrition. Let’s break it down and see what they can do!

They’re a Prebiotic

Prebiotics are said to hugely important when it comes to your overall gut health. Not to be confused with Probiotics, Prebiotics are derived from fibre and it makes a great food source for the friendly bacteria in your gut, helping you to maintain the right level of microbiota to support your digestive system.

 They can be great for your skin

Balance is everything when it comes to your body, and Goli Gummies can help you to restore a natural level of acidity to your skin, giving it back that healthy glow.

They can boost your energy

If you’re feeling low on energy, fear not, as these gummies are packed with vitamin B12 which can combat fatigue and tiredness by supporting cellular energy production in the body. Apple Cider Vinegar is also said to reduce blood sugar levels, improving the body’s glycaemic response, stabilising the variations in blood sugar, which can impact energy levels.

They can help you to detox

Thanks to the presence of “the mother” in Goli Gummies, they are thought to help flush out the digestive system, promoting improved gut health. It is well known that many an unhealthy or an imbalance in the gut can lead to health problems. Removing toxins from your gut allows the levels of good bacteria to increase.

They can be good for your heart

Maintaining good levels if Homocysteine levels, amino acid in your blood, is imperative for heart health – high levels can be associated with the risk of heart disease. It also has been shown in a study in 2018 to reduce levels of cholesterol, and in a relatively short timeframe.

What else is in Goli Gummies?

Goli Gummies are also jam-packed with other vitamin B9 and B12 for added health and wellbeing. They’re sourced from allergen free produce and contain no artificial preservatives chemicals or other artificial ingredients. Their sweet taste and yummy looking colour, is achieved through the inclusion of beetroot and pomegranate to make them not only great for you, but super great tasting too.

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