Benefits of Golden Ox Limosomal Vitamin C

The Golden Ox range of vitamin C supplements are completely natural and ethically sourced. Perfect for the vegan diet, they are gluten and GMO free and each product goes through rigorous testing to deliver uncompromising quality. Liposomal technology is harnessed to deliver a drastically higher absorption rate making it more efficient and easier for your body to process.

Golden Ox range of vitamin C supplements

So how does it do it? Liposomes!

The key is in the liposomal technology. Phospholipids in the capsule, which are similar to the cell wells in construction, can form liposomes in the body. As a result, the coating of the vitamin C molecules then helps to transport the active ingredients through the harsh environment of the stomach and deliver it into the intestines where it can be absorbed more easily by slipping through the cell walls.


Why do I need Vitamin C anyway?

It could be good for you heart

As it could help to support collagen synthesis, it could also benefit heart and vascular health too. This means the structure of your blood vessels would be improved, therefore improving overall function.

good for you heart

It could reduce cell damage

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that could combat any excess in free radicals throughout the body. As it may bolster the natural defences of your body it could help protect you against many chronic diseases, by reducing inflammation throughout the body.

reduce cell damage

It may help improve your immune system

Vitamin C contributes to the normal function of the immune system helping your body to protect you against infection by supporting the production of white blood cells allowing them to function more effectively.

improve your immune system

It could help protect your brain

Vitamin C has been shown to have a protective affect against thinking and memory diseases such as dementia thanks to its powerful antioxidant properties. Further study to confirm link is needed.

It could help protect your brain

It may help your skin

Vitamin C is said to stimulate the production of collagen in your skin. By supporting collagen synthesis it could also help structures in your body such as blood vessels and ligaments too.

It may help your skin

It assists iron absorption

If your low on iron in your blood, perhaps with a condition such as anaemia, taking vitamin C alongside iron supplements can help the iron be absorbed, therefore making them more effective.

It assists iron absorption

So how much should you take?

It’s important to speak to a doctor when starting to take a new supplement so they can advise on any interactions or reasons you should exercise caution. Each supplement will state the recommended daily dose and it’s important to follow this, if your doctor has given you the green light to take it.

So how much should you take?



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